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Audio Force One


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A stunning alternative-rock track has hit the music scene this week with the latest release from international artist Audio Force One. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist Tiago, Audio Force One’s latest single ‘Black Eyes’ presents a strong, vivacious record, prevailing an artistic rock personality to captivate a demographic of alternative and indie rock fans.

Before the release of his latest single, Tiago’s unique display of contributory rock music has already led him into an efficacious music career. Tiago first reached early success by winning first place in a European music competition, going to play alongside The Black Eyed Peas, Moby, New Order and The Hives. Following his musical endeavours, Tiago founded and managed the boutique record label Música Das Esferas (Sound of the Spheres), presenting several European acts to a global audience.

During his work with his European label, he collaborated and wrote lyrics for many tracks and albums for other artists.

After moving to Brooklyn, New York, Tiago developed a distinctive love for musical spontaneity, frequently jamming with famous American Jazz musician, Madeleine Peyroux. Whilst living in Australia, Tiago recorded his latest album titled ‘More’ at Cooper Lane Studios in Sydney- owned by Sony artist and Australian pop singer Guy Sebastian. The album was later mastered in New York City, USA at Sterling Sound Studio.

‘Black Eyes’, is an exceptionally vivid track, portraying a groovy alternative-rock tone with drive and power. Frontman Tiago, who writes all his lyrics and melodies, plays every single instrument on the track (excluding the drums). Existing as the ultimate one-man-band, Audio Force One inserts himself into a new wave division of rock music, his new single portraying a truly authentic and individual sound, reflective of AFO’s vibrant personality. The remarkable ability to create a fully-fledged rock track from the hands of just one musician is one of many distinct properties that stem from the talents of Audio Force One.

Set for a huge year in 2018, Audio Force One delivers to an extensive audience, outlining a musical quality of energetic pop rock and emotional ballads, best described as ‘the sound of breaking up and rediscovering life’.

With a music video set for release on April 6th, Audio Force One’s single ‘Black Eyes’ brings us the first peek into AFO’s step into the contemporary music scene, with an energetic pop-rock record set to make you move out of your seat and onto the dancefloor.

‘Black Eyes’ is now available on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

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